Best Chilled Spots to Enjoy Sihanoukville Nightlife

Besides its divine beaches, beautiful tropical islands, historical places, and exquisite cuisine Sihanoukville is also famous for its vibrant nightlife. This party town knows how to attract people to the dance floor and keep the party rolling all night long. If you are a party animal you will definitely love this place. Sihanoukville nightlife starts as soon as the sun dreamily disappears beyond the horizons and the party goes on late at night and sometimes even till the early morning.

Sihanoukville bars, pubs, and nightclubs are not the only venues where you can drink a few beers or shots of vodka, meet and interact with new people, and dance to the music played by DJs, you may be able to find sound systems along the main beaches like Serendipity beach, Ochheuteal beach, and Otres blasting late into the night.

Here is a list of some of the main Sihanoukville bars that you need to visit to get geared up for the late night festivities:

  • Monkey Republic Bar/Hotel/Restaurant

Located almost 100 meters from the Golden Lions roundabout on the main Serendipity beach road, Monkey Republic is self-proclaimed as "backpacker central". This is the reason this bar/restaurant/hotel is always jam packed with young tourists and party animals all the time. You will be able to find a wide selection of Western as well as Asian beer, drinks, cocktails, and wine. Monkey Republic is a perfect place to have a few drinks, meet fellow travelers, listen to great music, swap stories, and just let loose. If you get hungry, you can always order your favorite dish. Whether you are in a mode to enjoy a Western-style comfort food or you want to try some Asian favorites, everything is available at affordable prices and large portions at the Monkey Republic. The fact that this place comes with a decent restaurant, a bar, and plenty of opportunities to interact with young tourists of different nationalities makes it the most popular bar amongst all the Sihanoukville bars.

  • Dolphin Shack Beach Bar

Located on the Serendipity/Ochheuteal beach, Dolphin Shack is considered as the most popular after dark party spots. You can expect almost everything you can imagine happening at this place, there is loud music, special drinks, plenty of cheap beer, BBQ, and flocks of young and fun loving girls and boys enjoying their night to the fullest. If you are not done enjoying Sihanoukville nightlife at Dolphin Shack beach, you can always opt for the booze cruise that will take you on a wonderful tour of this lively beach resort during the day.

  • Utopia

Out of all the Sihanoukville bars and clubs, Utopia is considered the largest and the most popular bar/nightclub, this is because it is the most happening place when it comes to experiencing Sihanoukville nightlife. If you want to get some cheap booze, this is the place you need to be, they gift beers to party lovers for only 25c from 8pm - 9pm every day and ladies can enjoy the 2 for 1 on all cocktail deals every Friday from 8pm-11pm. 

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