World best travel destinations

The moment you see holidays coming around, you plan for going out with your family or friend. You could have your own ways of choosing your travel destinations; however, if you look at the world around you could find a number of places, which are worthy to be visited. Regardless of your affordability level, these remain as the best places, which anyone would dream to visit. Knowing these places would give you an opportunity to explore the hidden jewels found in these places. So, let’s check some of the world best travel destinations, which are discussed below. Let’s check them out:

Scotland, UK

This place is considered to be among the world best travel destination. If you have gone through the movie Skyfall, you could realize its countryside and incredible misty highlands. The complete length of this place is 750 KM, which you could even move around over the Gore Tex Scottish National Trail that passes from the Cape Wrath to English border. Here you can get the chance to explore a number of pristine lochs and haunting glens via the newly added routes including the Rob Roy Way and West Highland. Also, you have a number of outdoor events seen coming at different junctures. These include the Dumfries and Galloway Wildlife Festival in March, Heb Celt in July, Scottish Food & Drink Fortnight and the golf tournament.

Paris, France

This city is known as a city of love and romance, and is considered as the best place to travel. Looking at the tourist’s perspective it encompasses a number of attractions, which include the high Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, etc. The Eiffel Tower is regarded as one of the best landmarks of the city, which has lots of beauty apart from being the tallest tower in the country. Apart from the number of places for romance and love, you could find a number of spots near by, which gives the feeling of old Paris, thus giving the insight about French creed and culture.

Rabat, Morocco

This place has been overlooked by travelers; however, lately it is being recognized as an important destination to visit by people all across the world. This is an elegant city, situated at the north eastern side of the country and now being included in the UNESCO World Heritage site last year. With this in picture, Rabat has been getting a quick recognition and has emerged as a place where both Arab Muslim and western modernism culminates. You could see several majestic 20th century structures including the Hassan Mosque, which is a worthy place to explore. Also, you have a new western Rabat in the city where you could discover a newly built French township wherein you could see a wide range of cafes and boulevards. And above all it is a most consumer friendly place wherein you could enjoy hassle free shopping experience.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Another laudable travel destination is Amsterdam based in the Netherlands. Here, you get to see a wide range of cities for the travelers including the House of Anny Frank, which is a place where a young Jewish girl was seen dwelling long before and wrote incredible stories. The war time diaries, which she wrote are counted in the literature masterpiece for art and literature lovers all over the world. This home is converted into a museum where you could even find a bookshop, café and many other interesting things to explore. Besides, you have so many other attractions to explore.


Another worthy place for travels to visit is Colombia. You could define it as a place, which is an array of magical Andes mountain landscape, incredible urban places that are getting the global pace wherein you could discover incredible hotels and a number of places to visit as per your own wish lists. Bogota in Colombia is now being recognized as UNESCO City of Music owing to the presence of a number of musical sectors found in this place and events occurring at various points of time.

Final word

The list of some of the best travel destinations in the world is really modest, as you could include a number of other places as well. Here, you can find everything, right from the natural beauty to a wide range of man made things for amusement and fun. So, are you planning to visit any of these places?