Things To Consider Before Sending Your Child To An International School

As a parent, your main job is to ensure your children get the best you can give them in this world. Sometimes you do worry they can get a better experience with schooling because you realize that it’s no longer just about passing exams.

You are right. A school is meant to expose the child to different cultures, different extra-curricular activities, different experiences, and equip them with everything they need to succeed in this global village we live in. Here’s where an international school comes in. Before taking the leap though, here are some things to consider.

1. Know the cost.
One thing is for sure, these institutions will not be cheap. A school is a long-term cost so you have to plan ahead to ensure putting your child through such a school will not be a detriment to your long-term financial needs such as buying a house or planning your retirement.
If you are set on sending your child to an international school, you may have to make some sacrifices such as foregoing mortgage payments. And as has been the trend lately with other businesses, the fees of international schools are on the increase every few years.

2. Foresight.
Placing your child at an international may be of significant cost to you. This doesn’t mean it can’t be done. By finding out what it costs beforehand, you now have the required knowledge to plan ahead for the years your child may be in school..
Some schools may require some commitment amount beforehand, like an acceptance deposit and other miscellaneous charges that will guarantee your child admission to the school. .
3. Other costs are involved.
An international school will include other costs aside from tuition as part of the overall costs. These may include things like school uniforms and text books for the new curriculum or academic year..
There will also be extra-curricular activities offered by the school. This could be sports, school trips, off-campus classes, and visits to sites of academic interest. For example, a thai international school may take trips to Koh Samui for education on the religious history of Thailand. Educational trips outside the classroom have been shown to help students absorb what they learn in class..
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