Kush: The lost world discovered at Sudan's Merowe Dam site

The lost world of yesteryears is soon to be discovered! Scholars throughout the world are on a roll to discover an ancient Egyptian world on Nile. The so-called lost world is known or recorded in the Egyptian history as Kush.
Importance of the Kush civilization:
Though, Kush was and still is overshadowed by Egypt and also shrouded in the clouds of mystery. one thing is for sure - this mysterious place was the gold center of Egypt. This gold center gave the Kush dynasty all the power. Excavators have discovered cemeteries, gold processing centers in this area as of now. The Coleader of the University of Chicago Expedition Geoff Emberling agrees that Kush was politically important to the region. Also, the place had a good military defense.
This makes Kush a major player in political and military dynamics of the time than we knew before
* Kush was known to the Greeks as Nubia: This was the first Sub-Saharan African civilization that proved to be a competition for Egypt. The Kush territory extended over 750 mile radius, and is huge.
* The Civilization existed during 2400 B.C. until the 2nd century A.D.. The kingdom disappeared around 16th century B.C. along with all the architecture.
Emberling mentions that no architecture was discovered and expresses his frustration: ‘It was very frustrating.’
* 55 large grindstones were found in this region.
* Also found are large numbers of hammer stones.
This clarifies that the civilization made good use of all sorts of stones. At least the discovery of grindstones and hammer stones tell us this much.
Location of the civilization:
* The civilization mostly existed behind a newly excavated dam site in Northern Sudan’s Merowe dam. The first traits of this Egyptian civilization was discovered by Emberling’s team when the site was excavated for the dam.
Since the Merowe dam has already been created by Chinese, French and German subcontractors, much of the remains are already gone! It’s a little too late in the day to find more about Kushites. However, there are only a few facts that have been discovered regarding this civilization. This discovery was a race to save all the remains of the civilization before any construction starts on the dam.
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