Fears of sex tourism have Latvia's hackles up

Riga, the vibrant, coastal capital of Latvia in Northern Europe is fast becoming notoriously popular as ‘Baltic Bangkok’ much to the dismay of the local populace. Its budding number of pubs, clubs and strip bars has raised a concern over a growing sex industry.
The city is becoming more and more popular with stag men parties who come here for the cheap wine and one night stands with girls. The city is alive with booming sound systems for die-hard clubbers and cheesy discos for stag nights in Riga.
To put a brake to the same Alfa Centrs, is leading a Stop Sex Terrorism campaign in the country. Organizers of the campaign, are worried that the local and international media often name Riga as the destination for sex-tourism and low-class nightlife entertainment.
The image has been strengthened by the entrance of low-cost airlines, which have provided a considerable increase in the number of foreign tourists coming to Latvia.
The campaign is aimed at local girls, showing them the dangers of getting involved with tourists. They want them to consider whether one free drink is worth a one-night stand. The campaign is likely to raise awareness through shows on television and radio broadcasts aimed at changing the indifference towards sex tourism.
Source: Stuff