Do you want to own an island in Maldives?

Have you ever traveled somewhere where there were no high-rise buildings, no tourists and no billboards?
Admit it. There are times when you wish you could get away from daily chores, envisioning sparkling clear water, in every imaginable shade from sea foam green to cobalt blue. Imagine how your body relaxes as all your tension and worries drift away like a song on the gentle island breeze. On top of that, if the island is specifically owned by you… won’t that be great, an awesome experience! Yes, you can become the proud owner of an island.
Alexander Staartjes, manager of Soneva Club, Maldives, is offering the opportunity to take over each island resort for one million dollars for a full seven days and nights. This offer is valid for stays from May through November each year and a long lead time is essential due to availability.
Water activities at your private sandbanks are quite a rhetoric option to pass the time. Staartjes justifies the charges by saying that the potential targets range from CEO’s to world renowned celebrities. He expatiated further,
the rates for our lead-in villas start at approximately US$ 1000 per villa per night, reaching up to US$ 12’500 per night for our presidential villa occupying more than 1’400 square meters, all over water and completely detached from the island.
The resorts, which are occupying the islands, are very much in accordance with the environment. They are in no way possesses any threat to the ecology. Guests can travel to our resorts in the Maldives knowing that their stay will in no way harm the environment around them, as their stay will be completely ‘carbon-neutral’, says Staartjes.