The wait is over and the results are announced. The new Seven Wonders of the World are here to stand tall, giving you the most spectacular of sight as they take you for a journey back through the time line. The competition, which was the brainchild of a Swiss man, Bernard Weber, generated a huge [...]
Post date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 17:13
Your absent passport might lead to a summer vacation limbo. There seems to be a massive passport backlog that is jeopardizing the travel industry. New federal rules aimed at increasing Homeland Security now require travelers to Canada and Mexico to have a valid passport. The Houston passport office is behind by about 700,000 expedited passports. [...]
Post date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 17:12
The huge backlog on issuing passports has forced the Senate Appropriations Committee to suspend the new passport rules until mid-2009. Now U.S. travelers entering the United States by land or sea from Canada and other neighboring countries can make do without a passport until then. Many people have been forced to cancel their travel plans because of the backlog in the passport office. Congressional offices have been busy by calls from constituents whose passport requests were caught up in a...
Post date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 17:10
You’ve finally done it – you got that long vacation you planned on all squared away. You can already imagine yourself sipping margaritas in Cancun or basking on the beach in Hawaii, but you’re worried about keeping your stuff safe while you’re out of town for a few months or more. You could have someone house-sit for you, but what if they turn out to be untrustworthy after all’s said and done or you’re just not keen on the idea of having people in your home while you’re gone? Totally...
Post date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 17:09
Organic foods are superior to the conventional non-organic foods. You might have been taunted many a time for being a health freak for opting organic foods, but the truth is that many are oblivious to the better taste and health benefits of organic foods. Here are the things that you need to know why organic foods are healthier options as against non-organic food:
Post date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 17:08
A honeymoon period is well thought out to the foundation of a long lasting happy married life. As it is the time which gives a quite time to know each other perfectly to a newly wedded couple. Although a long dating period people still want to explore each and every single thing which is not known. People still feel something different in the person’s behavior after a long courtship period. Honeymoon period provides a couple the opportunities to explore each other’s actual personality...
Post date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 17:08