Madagascar: is an island country located off Mozambique, Africa.The unique lemurs, reptilian turle and tortoises, and colorful birds available in this particular part of the world; is what makes Madagascar a great place to visit for nature lovers. According to some, the Madagascar island is a world apart or rather known as alternate world. Just like the Brazil’s Mata Atlantica, the Madagascar island is also known as a biological diversity hotspot. Currently, the island hosts about roughly 12000...
Post date: Tuesday, December 17, 2013 - 17:28
If you are a music lover, and wish to mingle yourself with singers or do some singing yourself then visit to the choral festivals taking place this summer is a must. Whether experienced from within the chorus or from the audience outside, there is a universal appeal to the unique sound of music made by groups of people using their own voices. You can hear classic and modern choral works directed by the conductors, in settings ranging from a lavish California performance hall to a hockey rink in...
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Since today is anti tobacco day, it is a good idea to book you stays in totally smoke free hotels. Hotel Magician gets you a choice of over 3,100 smoke-free hotels for visitors to choose. Image credit Hotels have long had Smoking and Non-Smoking rooms, but there has been such a decrease in demand for the smoking rooms that hotels are starting to get rid of the smoking rooms altogether. This lowers cleaning costs and eliminates complaints from non-smokers. Hotel Magician lists hotels in Europe,...
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From thirty thousand feet in the air when the KLM airbus was passing over the Lake Baikal, I wondered how it is down there. Baikal is a place of Wonder. It’s a place where you get mountains, forests, cheerful and hospitable people and some wild roaring rivers. But, even before I get into the details, [...]
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Kurt Repanshek launched the National Parks weblog back in August 2005. This has become a great medium to share news, views and thoughts on National Parks. Although Repanshek claims the blog not to be a travel log, the blog is still a sort of travel log. Recently, the NPT website got revamped. The latest website [...]
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The Sydney Opera House Forbes Traveler website has voted Sydney’s iconic Opera House as one of the world’s top tourist attractions. It is the only attraction in the Southern Hemisphere with more than four million annual visitors. Times Square in New York topped the list with an estimated 35 million visitors while Trafalgar Square (No. [...]
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