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Vertical Gardens: Hottest trend in Parisian garden design

Patrick Blanc’s Vertical Gardens is the hot new trend in gardening. The lush wall plantings, which are often several stories tall, require no soil and come equipped with a self-sufficient watering system. The vertical garden could rather be called eco-art, or greener architecture consisting of a variety of plants trailing gently up any interior or outside wall.
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Enjoy the classy treatment aboard a Mexican cruise liner

Imagine the horizon in the distance basked in the evening sunset. You are standing on a deck of a cruise ship enjoying the margarita mix, the glamorous ladies around you and the cool breeze of the ocean. If you are thinking or actually dreaming of a vacation like this, should take a voyage to Mexico!
From the deck of a cruise liner headed to Mexico, you might get to see some whales as well. It will almost be like swimming with the whales along the coast of Baja California.


Irrespective of a Hike in Space Tour Tickets, Feasible Space Flights Might Still Be Available

Is that a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Charles Simonyi(a software billionaire), trying to practice some superman like moves during his space training. He is a space tourist. Like him, there are many others who are trying to book their space tours as well. It seems like the space tourism tickets have skyrocketed and people are trying hard to get their space in the space shuttle.

Today, the cost of flying to an International Space Station is between $30-$40 million. That is an increase from $20-25million.


Mini Taj floats down River Thames as 'India Now' festival kicks off in London

Will you believe me, if I say Taj Mahal (the marble monument to love) is floating on River Thames? Yes, this is true, but it is not the real Taj Mahal, it’s the mini replica of it. The Thames Taj is the name given to this 68 meter replica and is created by bollywood art director, Bijon Das Gupta and Indian artist Suchi Chidambaram.


Tourist boom damaging Petra, archaeologists seek protective measures

Petra, which is recently chosen as one of the world’s top architectural marvels, has been a popular tourist destination since long. Now, as it is picked up as one of the New Seven Wonders of the world, it is expected to draw large number of tourists. To attract the tourists and expand the tourist facilities, there is a building boom taking place in Petra and other archaeological sites in the region.


Floating Swimming Pool - be in water on water!

How about swimming in a pool that floats? Yes, you have read it correctly, the floating swimming pool also known as Badeschiff (bathing ship), the brainchild of Ann Buttenwieser gives you the opportunity to be in water on water.


A trip that will set you on the right path!

G.A.P Adventures, the largest adventure travel company in Canada is offering an eight day travel experience to take you to the footsteps of the Buddha. It’s a tour cum pilgrimage that will take travelers to the places that are related to Buddha. Be it the birthplace of Buddha, place where he took his last breath or where he gave his last sermon.
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Show your wild side at the next Sky Villa party

When I first heard the name sky villa, I was wondering if this is some kind of space age home literally floating in the sky. But no, I was wrong. Hugh Hefner Sky Villa is yet another bigtime party place in the heart of Las Vegas.
Designed with a playboy theme in mind, this party house sort of looms over the Las Vegas strip. It is a two story building with a 10,000 square foot hideaway. It has got everything you need for the ultimate party scene.


Polar madness can drive expedition members crazy

I often wondered if polar explorers are crazy. Why? Just imagine being tent bound in a cramped up space for an entire year. Seeing the same faces and listening to the same voices for twenty four hours and 365 days. Recently, researchers studied a condition called polar madness, which happens to members involved in polar expeditions.


Online sites to help you in planning a family car journey

When you pack your bags to explore new sights or to relax your senses by surrounding yourself with a different culture, you should know how to make your travel a vacation you will never forget. If you plan a trip, it’s worth taking the time before departure to get yourself organized. Doing so can save you both time and stress.



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