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Is that snow falling indoors in Las Vegas?

It sure is! This is a view of icy spa treatments available at the arctic ice room of the Qua spa of Caesars Palace, where the snow falls all year round.
In the spa Qua’s Arctic Ice Room, ’snow’ gently descends from a domed ceiling through mint-infused air chilled to 55 F (13 C). As per the spa: Heated floors and benches comfort you in the crisp 55 degree room as falling snow relieves your stress.


Surviving the spring break possible with proper destination research

The spring season has approached. It’s the time of the year when everyone want to go to beaches, ski slopes or anyplace where you can thoroughly enjoy and relax. If you want to survive the spring break, you need to plan very carefully.
One goes out for the break to relax and cut loose but the trip gets spoiled when the vacationing families, couples seeking romantic gateways and business travelers find themselves in hotels and on city streets with hordes of scantily-dressed, hooting, hollering and hooch-downing young people in full party mode.


Now you can travel on Agatha Cristie's Orient Express

What Excites a modern day traveler? It is the chance to experience a different time and space. If you think so too then the Orient Express luxury trains are for you.
The original company Orient Express Hotels Ltd was revived in 1970 .Today it run five main luxury trains but the most popular are the Orient Express that shows you the colorful Rajasthan in India, the romantic Venice Simplon- Orient Express and the Eastern Orient Express that takes you from Singapore to Bangkok via Kuala Lumpur.


EU travelers to the US to be fingerprinted

In the latest benchmark for stricter security, all visitors from European nations traveling to the US will soon have to give 10 digital fingerprints when entering the country.
Collection of other biometric data such as facial and eye retina scans may become applicable at border checks. This rule will be applicable to those traveling with visas as well as those under the U.S. Visa-Waiver program.
A pilot project at 10 major U.S. airports is likely to be launched in late 2007, expanding the current program that calls for taking prints of two fingers and facial photographs.


'Here or there' lets you share your travel experiences

Word-of-mouth has always been one of the key factors in raising travel awareness. People simply love to share their travel experiences. What could be the best way to do that other than on the internet; the social networking sites are just the right place. Here or There is a recently launched travel blogging community site that allows people to share their travel experiences on a large platform.


Are hotels catering more to business events at the expense of the paying guest?

Did you recently go for a relaxing weekend to a hotel and had your head ringing with the deafening beats of an all night party? Dreaming of relaxing at the hotel spa were you disappointed at being turned away, since it was busy with a corporate team building activity. Then you remain one of the many loosing out the charms of leisure travel due to the upsurge in Business travel.


Greenland: Hotspot for climate change and tourism

This the world’s largest and loneliest island has just became more accessible, thanks to Air Greenland’s recent launch of first-ever commercial flights from the USA (a five-hour, two-time-zone jaunt from Baltimore). Well if the Greenlandic silence beckons you, get set for an amazing trip.

Llulissat, a fishing town in GReenland


Russia launches Genesis-2 satellite to test space hotel concept

With the space tourism industry heating up, we can certainly think of a hotel in space. But, it’s not just a thought now as a Las Vegas hotel tycoon has already shared his plans of building the world’s first space hotel. To check the feasibility of the dream hotel, Genesis-2 satellite has been launched by Russia today. The construction of the hotel is anticipated to begin in 2011.


Grilliput: The smallest portable barbecue

If you enjoy traveling through the natural surroundings and love cooking out, the Grilliput is sure to become your new trusty companion. It’s a nifty gadget that is ideal for the people on the move.
The Grilliput has high quality stainless steel barbecue that is small enough to fit in your backpack for easy transport. It measures less than a foot in length when packed away. When fully organized, sturdy grilling area of nearly 100 square inches.


Eat healthy while on the move

Eating healthy while traveling is truly a challenge but need not be impossible. While traveling we can’t put our current healthy diet on the back burner. Can we?
Here, I’m giving you various tips to ensure good nutrition and healthy eating while on the road. You don’t need to sacrifice good nutrition to have a good time! You can choose to eat healthy when you travel.



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