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Essential Guide To Etiquette In Thailand

When you travel to Thailand for cosmetic surgery, remember you are entering a completely different culture to what you are used to. As such, there are certain rules of etiquette you should try to follow in order to avoid offending Thais. Although locals are used to foreign tourists breaking the rules of etiquette and are quick to forgive, you can really transform your vacation into something special by adopting the culture of Thailand for the duration of your stay.


Female-only island for Irani Women and peek a boo's?

With its strict rules on mingling of the sex’s this seems the only solution left to let women enjoy the beach. Personally, I would find a beach without men extremely boring. However, according to the Iranian officials, strict sex segregation actually protects women rather than restricting their rights.
There will be no men on the Arezou (Wish) island. Only women will staff public transport, restaurants and other facilities,


While on move get a better TV reception with Winegard’s Digital HD Receiver

While using recreational vehicle (RV), you get typical fuzzy reception, poor sound, interference and limited channels. Well, the Winegard Digital HD Receiver could be the just right solution to this problem.It provides the clearest image available and DVD-quality sound using your analog TV and crank-up antenna.
The Winegard Digital HD Receiver can be used in your RV and at home with no monthly fees.
There are copious advantages of digital receiver:


Westin Hotels Encouraging guests to A Westin Evening Ritual- Unwind

Who wants to be lonely, especially when you are out on vacations to enjoy? A recent study by Westin Hotels and Resorts has found that 34% of frequent travelers feel lonely away from home.
To encourage guests to socialize and help to combat loneliness which many travelers experience, Westin Hotels and Resorts around the world will be inviting their guests to a new “social experience” called “Unwind... A Westin Evening Ritual”, which will prove to be enjoyable and relaxing in all possible ways.


Morocco and Spain to bore a 39km rail tunnel under the Strait of Gibraltar

For those of you who get sick during ferry travel this would be the perfect answer and for others it will be an adventure ride . A Swiss firm takes on this ambitious project across the Strait of Gibraltar.
Moroccan experts say the long-mooted 39km rail tunnel would be among the world’s most sophisticated engineering works and rival the Channel Tunnel linking England and France. Moroccan authorities displayed blueprints of the project.


Vancouver: Countdown to 2010 Winter Games begins

The 2010 Winter Olympics, officially known as the XXI Olympic Winter Games, are the next Winter Olympics, scheduled to be held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada in 2010.
The pre-Olympics build-up adds to the buzz of Vancouver, which is a vibrant and exciting destination.
The official countdown clock outside The Vancouver Art Gallery works tallies the seconds, minutes, hours and days until the 2010 Winter Games. The clock was unveiled on February 12.The clock is a striking reminder that the 17-day celebration of sports is fast impending.


Tourist kidnapping puts Ethiopia in the limelight

Northeastern Ethiopia is a spectacular yet barren expanse of volcanoes and ancient salt mines where bandits and rebels operate.

This out worldly landscape attracts only aid workers and adventure travelers who are willing to travel even with armed guards to see geographical wonders like the Danakil Depression. However the mysterious kidnapping of five Europeans and eight locals has put the international spotlight on this region now.


Do you want to own an island in Maldives?

Have you ever traveled somewhere where there were no high-rise buildings, no tourists and no billboards?
Admit it. There are times when you wish you could get away from daily chores, envisioning sparkling clear water, in every imaginable shade from sea foam green to cobalt blue. Imagine how your body relaxes as all your tension and worries drift away like a song on the gentle island breeze. On top of that, if the island is specifically owned by you… won’t that be great, an awesome experience! Yes, you can become the proud owner of an island.


World's biggest tourism fiesta opens in Berlin

The ITB, world’s biggest tourism fair gave excellent news to travel agents on Wednesday. India will be the glare of publicity as it is the ‘partner country’ of this year. This year’s fete, scheduled from March 7-11, has made an incredible record of the number of companies participating from 184 nations, i.e. 11,000.
President of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) says,
Entries from the world over have gone above 20 % in the last three years to 842 million. And moreover, the organizations have produced an annual-ballpark-figure-rise of about 4%, which will be common.


High-end health resorts to help you lose weight in luxury

As a solution to your weight losing problem many high-end health resorts have come up with qualitative treatments with the focus on hostilic trinity of mind, body and spirit.
The range offered by the health resorts runs the gamut from thalassotherapy and mud baths to Merlot wraps and electro-stimulation.
High-end health resorts:
St.Lucia’s Le Sport Resort, where you can learn the principles of funky dance. At Geneva’s Clinique La Prairie, you can lose excess fat from the specific area of your body by cosmetic surgical procedure



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