Best Travel tips for new parents

Travelling is often a hassle based experience especially when you happen to be a new parent carrying a small baby along with you. Whether you travel in a car, train or flight, moving with a small baby is always a challenging thing. While travelling as a young parent, you could be seen with a fussy baby in your hand, and most of the time you could see others sleeping and you still seems to be wondering as to why are you are travelling. Yet out of some unavoidable reasons you need to travel with your infant. But don’t worry, with some smart tips as discussed below, you could certainly reduce the hassles involved in travelling as a new parent. Let’s check them out:

 Plan your trip

Believe it or not, but the fact is travelling with babies when they remain in the first few months. The reasons are simple, they sleep more during this stage and not seen getting distracted by noises or sights and could fall asleep in your arm. Regardless of the months or weeks of your baby’s age, make sure you call up the airline once you book the tickets to get bulkhead seat. Though you may find lesser space at the lower end but over the top you can find wider space, which you could easily use for the bottles, toys and blankets. Also, you could even place you baby over it to allow him or her to enjoy the travel together. Also, if possible try travelling during your baby’s nap time especially when you are using flights to move. This will help you in passing all your travel time when your baby is busy sleeping. Continue reading “Best Travel tips for new parents” »