The Best Boat Tour in Phuket

If you are in Phuket or have plans to visit soon then you’ll definitely want to take a boat tour. Phuket is known for some of the most beautiful scenery mankind has ever seen and when you book a phang nga bay boat tour you’ll be treated to an amazing day out cruising the Andaman Sea.

You’ll take a trip to James Bond Island which gets its name from being in one of the James Bond movies. You will also make a stop near Koh Phanak Island where you’ll be treated to spectacular views of lagoons and caves which date back thousands of years.

Another piece of the breathtaking puzzle when you take a phang nga bay boat tour is seeing the gorgeous limestone karsts which sit beautifully positioned above Phang Nga Bay’s emerald green water.

During the very leisurely day tour you’ll stop off at a few beaches for some lunch and a cold drink while catching the sea breeze flowing through your hair. On the day long trip you will also anchor up the boat for dive in among the bay’s many species of fish and strikingly beautiful coral reef. Not to mention you can do some bird watching of close to 100 species flying past.

Perhaps swimming in the sea isn’t your thing? Not to worry, you can perch up on the sundeck and relax and melt your stress away, while soaking up some sun. When lunchtime comes around you’ll be treated to some of the freshest seafood you can ever eat. Watch your stress float away like a beautiful dream.

You can take a private tour if that is more your speed as well. La Moet Phuket offers regular and private tours each and every day. If you are with a big group of friends or have a huge family traveling with you, then this may be right up your alley. Why not go for it, and make it a trip of a lifetime?

Thailand has some of the most beautiful water and scenery in the entire world and Phang Nga bay boat tour is right at the top of that list. So book a trip now and enjoy it in all its glory.