Basic Tips for Choosing an International School in Bangkok Thailand

Are you looking for an international school in Bangkok Thailand?  Perhaps you are contemplating changing international schools?  Here are some basic things to think about and remember when beginning your quest to find the right school for you and your child.

Many international schools in Bangkok Thailand use British, Canadian, and American curriculums, while there are some others using German, Mandarin, and French.  Making this choice should be fairly easy since you’ll have a good idea already depending on your country of origin which curriculum is best for your child.  

Now, let’s talk teachers.  International schools in Thailand have different methods of finding teachers and they employ quite a diverse group as well.  Some teachers you’ll find at international schools are there to strictly teach English, and may not have majored in education through college.  Typically the teachers who teach specific subjects have graduated college with a degree in education and are qualified to teach their designated courses.  You’ll find teachers from all over the world who speak English with different accents, like South African, British, Irish, Canadian, Australian, and American.  This can provide a unique perspective into different ways of learning and disciplines for your child.

Tuition for international schools in Bangkok tends to vary, and the variants depend on if it's primary or secondary school and what year of those respective schools the student is enrolled in.  Annual fees range from 100,000 Baht to 800,000 Baht while the average is at about 350,000 for primary school in Bangkok.  For secondary school, you will find them ranging from 200,000 to 900,000 averaging out at around 400,000 for yearly tuition. 

One thing to keep in mind is that international schools in Thailand charge several extra fees throughout the school year like campus development fees.  They also charge exam fees in some cases as well as assessment fees, administrative fees, learning support fees (if needed) and meal fees.  Some of these charges may be included in your tuition package and every school does it differently.  So it is best to ask questions about each school's extra fee structure before you enroll so you’ll be able to determine the most accurate budget for your family throughout the year.