Back to Basics at an International School of Bangkok

There are many expats in Thailand who want their children to attend an international school of Bangkok. These international schools teach children in languages and styles that are familiar to the children, providing a western curriculum. Then children feel comfortable in continuing their education in what they are used to. International schools in Thailand are usually accredited by outside bodies. It naturally follows that the criteria and learning standards are pretty high. There are many Thai people too, who prefer sending their children to the international schools.


It is safe to say that most of the international schools are well-financed, they have modern, state-of-the-art amenities and equipment, and usually the classes are smaller. There are also amazing extra-curricular sports and other activities for children to participate in.


Usually the schools have quite long waiting lists as well, and sometimes admission might well be based on the English language proficiency as well as what has been achieved academically from a child. But these types of requirements vary from different schools. It’s a good idea to start looking and starting the admission process of your child as early as possible. Start with a good example like KIS International School, Bangkok.


KIS is a medium sized school where children are treated as unique individuals; students seem to always excel and take a real pride in their beloved school – new students as well as their families are made to feel very welcome at this school. KIS considers it important that children who enter its doors spend happy and successful days at the school from the early years through to Grade 12. Students are prepared to take their place at top universities and to make their mark in the world in a very positive way.


You as a parent can easily decide to see for yourself – visit the school. Once there, you will discover exactly why the vison of Knowledge, Inspiration and Spirit is so true. When you see the happy students, you realise just true those words are – they come alive in the faces of KIS International School students.