5 Meditations to Destress, Relax and Stop Anxiety Anywhere, Anytime

With meditation proving to be potent against life's stresses and indeed, the right component for personal growth, anyone is recommended to practice it. Some minutes of profound meditation is enough to fight anxieties, an overwhelming amount of depression and banishing panic attacks and make one feel at ease again.

Meditation takes many forms, and all of them promote relaxation and stress reduction. Anyone can also meditate, anywhere and at any time. You could do it right at home, out there when you are taking a walk, during the lunch hour at work or even in the middle of a high-octane business meeting. Before you take up your daily meditation challenge, here are some of the best meditations to destress techniques you could start with.

1. Mindfulness meditation
Sometimes, you feel as though you have been held hostage by your thoughts, and you've got nothing to do and feel at ease. You feel tense, start overthinking, and somehow, the brain feels like a battlefield.
At such a juncture, the right meditation remedy would be to sit and practice mindfulness meditation. It will not only calm your nerves, but also bring your attention to the serenity at the present moment in a nonjudgmental environment.
Basically, the whole 15 minutes will shut the thoughts about the past and the future down and only cast your focus on reality. You acknowledge your feelings and embrace them, something that creates an aura of peace and calmness within you.

2. Intention-Seeking Meditation
When you are feeling stressed about something or someone, and the pressure is growing deep inside you, go the intention-seeking meditation way instead. Meditate on what your real motives are as this ultimately makes you aware of what you really want to focus on. The rallying intention here is to take things less personally and be freer, happier soul.

3. Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT tapping is popular and quite an effective meditation technique. It not only curbs tension in the body, but also makes the mind relax. Under this meditation method, though, there are several EFT tapping techniques you could do anywhere, anytime. Look out for what Dr. Kim D'Eramo recommends.

4. Animal Wisdom Meditation
Unlike us, humans, animals are incredible at living the moment. They don't spend the whole day worrying where their food would come from, if their predators are within the vicinity, and so forth. They breathe, live, and eat freely. This meditation technique is, therefore, inspired by that – being happy, carefree, and absorbing some good vibe around you without worrying at anything whatsoever.

5. 60-Second Meditation Challenge
A minute-long meditation when you are stressed about something beyond your control is sure to relieve the nerves and make the mind and body relax. You close your eyes, remain still, and nourish your soul with fresh oxygen for a whole 60 seconds. It's something you can do anywhere, any time and for as many times as possible.

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